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We're starting a Sudbury School in the northern suburbs of Chicago


Are you tired of the traditional school system? Tired of the stress, the competition, the regimentation and boredom? Well, we are! That’s why we’re founding a Sudbury School in the north/northwestern suburbs of Chicago, perhaps near Deerfield, IL.

Sudbury Schools are democratic; the kids literally hire and fire their own teachers! And as a result, they tend to get rid of all the bad teachers and all the dumb rules. What’s left is a safe and flexible environment that lets everyone learn in their own way at their own pace.

Sudbury Schools don’t give out grades. Why would we? No grading system can ever compare to the child’s own self-knowledge. Kids know what they know and they’re curious to learn more, and that’s all they need to grow! (After all, everyone learns to walk and talk without a formal grade system judging them all the time.)

Can such a thing really work to prepare kids for the future? Yes it can! The original Sudbury School was founded in Massachusetts over 50 years ago, and surveys have shown that the graduates have grown up with the skills they needed to succeed in the real world.

Join us as we tackle the age-old assumptions about education, and chart a course towards a truly bright future.


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